Our Story

KayserBetten HomeMy wife and I were elated when our daughter told us we were going to be grandparents.  We wanted to set up a beautiful nursery in our home for our first grandchild. We began with a search for a full size baby crib.

There were dozens of cribs on display at the store, with many styles and colors to choose from.  We thought some were nicely decorated with colorful bedding and bumpers, and beautiful toys hanging over the cribs. While we were shopping, I noticed that a pregnant woman and her mother were looking at a crib next to us.  The woman carefully bent over the crib, pretending to lay down a sleeping baby.  Then her mother did the same thing.  They seemed disturbed.  The mother asked the sales person if there were other cribs with easier access.  The salesperson told her that all cribs have the same basic design  but with a different look.

I wondered why all cribs were the same; and after doing some research, I found the reason.  Since the ban of the drop-side crib, all cribs have low fixed height rails and very short legs that are close to the ground.

I was unsatisfied with this basic design.  My wife and I wanted a crib that not only met all the safety standards, but also had extra safety features like high rails for climb-out prevention.  We wanted peace of mind  and ease of use.

I presented this problem to my good friend and business partner, Peter Kayser. Peter is the founder of KayserBetten GmbH & Co. KG located in Dorfmark, Germany.  Since 1980, KayserBetten has been making high-rail cribs for the European market.  Peter and his partner, Torsten Knappenberg, agreed to work with me to develop a special crib for the American market.

KayserBetten's state-of-the-art, ISO 13485-certified factory has dozens of designers and master carpenters.  Their expert crib-making team produced several prototypes that were sent to SGS International, the gold standard for independent safety testing.  We wanted to make sure the cribs met all of the mandated American safety standards.

The end result was the Gertie Crib with a patented opening door system that makes it the only easy-access crib on the market.  The Gertie is safe, user friendly and an elegant piece of furniture that fits beautifully in any nursery decor.  Every Gertie Crib meet or exceed the ASTM Standards mandated by the Consumer Product Protection Commission.

Gertie Cribs are made of solid beech wood that is sourced from certified sustainable forests.  And the entire manufacturing process is carried out under environmentally-friendly conditions, which are inspected by certification agencies in Germany. We are proud to bring the Gertie Crib to America.  Now you can buy a safer, user friendly crib with complete confidence, and use it for generations.


Masood A. Qurashi