Gertie Crib For Parents using a Wheelchair

Parent in a wheelchairThe Gertie crib ensures the saftey of your baby while meeting your special needs as a parent. The Gertie crib meets all saftey standards for your baby. Other cribs adapted or modified to accommodate a parent using a wheelchair do not meet the safety standards mandated by the government. Do not take the chance, buy the only safety certified Gertie Crib.

Gertie Cribs are height adjustable with opening through doors. This allows a parent using a wheelchair to easily care for the baby or toddler in the crib. The doors can be opened partially for the safety of the child or completely for cleaning.

Gertie Crib Is Ideal For Parents And Grand Parents With Back Problems

Typical factors causing back stress include forward bending and improper lifting. It is recommended that you should bring the baby close to the chest when lifting. Only Gertie Crib patented design helps you to avoid unnecessary back stress and allows you to pick up and lay down the baby in the recommended way.

The Gertie Crib Is Ideal For Parents of Any Height

  • Height adjustable at ergonomic level for parents of any height
  • Two doors opening when limited access is desired
  • Four doors opening for total access to entire interior for changing sheets and cleaning
  • Patented double latch system to prevent accidentally leaving the doors unlocked

Climb Out Prevention Ideal For Tall Babies

If you are concerned about changing the crib mattress height several times as your baby grows The Gertie Crib High Railing prevents a child from climbing out of the crib.

Because of its patented open door design, only the Gertie Crib can offers a fixed side rail height of 36”. This means you can keep the child in the crib up to 2 years without worrying about any climb out accidents. No other crib can offer this. With other cribs it is cumbersome to pick up the child when the mattress is at its lowest level.

Health Day LogoStudy shows most involve children trying to climb out and falling on floor... more->

Consider These Factors When Buying Any Other Crib

  • Other crib manufacturers use mattress height adjustment to prevent your child from climbing out. What if the way you find out the mattress height should have been lowered is after a climb-out accident has occurred.
  • Do you really want the daunting task of having to change the mattress height as your baby grows?
  • Is it logical as your baby grows you have to reach down lower to lift your child out of the crib? This can potentially cause additional unwanted back stress. Unlike other full size cribs in the market, the Gertie Crib does not require lowering of the mattress as your child grows.