The Gertie Crib is perfect for Parents using a Wheelchair or with other Disabilities

Our patented Crib-with-Doors  allows the crib to be set at various heights making it easier for parents using a wheelchairs or with other disabilities to care for their baby. Gertie Crib is ideal for parents with spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegia, and Back Pain. The Gertie crib meets all saftey standards for your baby. more...

A Testimonial from Greg and Christina.

"We are new parents to our first child. My wife was searching for cribs that would work for our family, but also provide my daughter with all the safety of a standard crib. I am a T9 paraplegic and have no motor function of my lower extremities below my waist. I do have excellent truncal control, however I would never have been able to pick up or place my newborn daughter in a standard crib because I am unable to stand and lean over into a crib. The design of this crib allows me to leverage the side of the crib for stability as I pick up my daughter, while providing her safety once we place her in the crib. Ultimately, it has allowed me to independently place my daughter safely into, and take her our of her crib from my manual wheelchair. Additionally, the crib works very easily and well for my wife from her standing position. We are grateful that there is something like this available that meets the safety guidelines and provides our family with the adaptation we need for me to take care of my daughter." Thank you again for all your help and creating this solution for us.

Christina, Greg and Adaline

Customer Testemonial